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Sedona Rust

See Below For Available Profiles and Panel Dimensions. Also Available in Coil and Flats
Sedona Rust 7/8" Corrugated Panel
Sedona Rust is a painted version of an old rusty roof. This color has a beautiful orange/brown finish.

The two main advantages in using a painted version of a rusted panel are:

Full Paint Warranty and there will NOT be rust staining of the surrounding areas.

If you have interest in this panel I would highly recommend requesting a color chip or a sample panel done in Sedona Rust. You really need to see this panel up close to appreciate the beauty of the paint.

Available Panel Profiles: 7/8" Corrugated, R Panel, Western Rib, Standing Seam, Wall/Soffit Panel. Matching trim, flat stock, and fasteners are also available.
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