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Custom Order Colors

Six additional Vari-Cool colors: Antique Brass Patina, Jamaican Reef, Mojave Cactus, Red Copper Patina, Serengeti Oasis, Tropic Waterfall.
Available in coil, flats, metal roofing and metal wall panels.
  • Five thousand pound minimum order requirement.
  • Increased cost when compared to the three stock colors. Kaleidoscope, Mesa Sunrise, and Copper Patina Brown.
  • Custom colors in Vari-Cool will normally cost about double if your job is less than 10,000 pounds.
  • 15,000 pounds and above is the quantity level where the custom colors become affordable.
  • Call or email for more information.
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Metal Roofing Panels
Metal Roofing Panels
7/8" Corrugated, R Panel, Standing Seam, and Western Rib.
Metal Siding/Wall Panels
Metal Siding/Wall Panels
7/8" Corrugated, Flush Wall/Soffit Panels, R Panel , T-Groove/RustWall, T-Reveal Panel, Western Wave, Western Rib.
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