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Western Rib® (Master)

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  • Western Rib® Siding, Rezibond Western Rib® Siding, Rezibond
  • Western Rib® Roofing, Bare Steel Western Rib® Roofing, Bare Steel
  • Western Rib® Roofing, Vintage Western Rib® Roofing, Vintage
  • Western Rib® Siding, Polar White Western Rib® Siding, Polar White
  • Western Rib® Roofing, Rezibond Western Rib® Roofing, Rezibond
  • Western Rib® Siding, A606-4 (aka Corten) Western Rib® Siding, A606-4 (aka Corten)
  • Western Rib® Roofing, Polar White Western Rib® Roofing, Polar White
  • Western Rib® Siding, Emerald Green Western Rib® Siding, Emerald Green
  • Western Rib® Siding, Bonderized® Western Rib® Siding, Bonderized®
  • Western Rib® Roofing, A606-4 (aka Corten) Western Rib® Roofing, A606-4 (aka Corten)

  • Product Data


    Material Type:
    Western Rib® Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

    Rib Distance (Pitch):

    Rib Height:

    Coverage for Roof and Wall Application:

    Available Gauges:

    AZ50 Minimum (AKA Galvalume®/Zincalume®)

    PVDF Resin Based (AKA Kynar 500®/ Hylar 5000®)


    Panel Length:
    1' to 52'

    Recommended Minimum Roof Slope:

    Can be installed over an open purlin system or a solid substrate. Use bead mastic on the overlap if used for a roofing application.
  • Product Specifications

    Spec Sheets

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  • Trim/Flashings


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  • Install Guide

    Install Guide for Download

    For more detailed information, please feel free to download the additional documentation below.

    Install Guide - Western Rib® Metal Panels
  • Fastener Placement

    Screw Placement

    For more detailed information, please feel free to download the additional documentation below.

    Western Rib® Fastener Placement Guide
  • Load Charts/Uplift/Engineering Info

    Load Charts/Uplift/Engineering Info

    Please click on the link below to download the pdf file.

    Western Rib®
  • CAD Details

    CAD Drawings for Download

    Western Rib® (HR-36/7.2 Panel)
  • Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits | Western Rib Metal Roofing/Siding Panels

    • Economical – There is no loss of material for the lap. Western Rib will yield 36" coverage and that means fewer panels to handle and install, saving time and money.
    • Corrosion & Rust Resistance – Our metal roofing and siding panels and sheet steel products are coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating (AKA Galvalume®/Zincalume®). This creates extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance.
    • Durable - Metal Roofing coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating (AKA Galvalume®/Zincalume®) will have an exceptionally long life expectancy.
    • Pest and Termite Resistant - Bugs, pests, and termites cannot penetrate through metal materials making a corrugated metal roofing system your best defense against unwanted creatures.
    • Fire Resistant - Metal roofs are noncombustible and have a Class A fire rating. Class C rating when applied over a combustible material such as wood shingles.
    • Wind Resistant - Metal roofing can withstand powerful wind gusts.
    • Lightweight - Lightens the load in installation and reduces the load bearing weight on support walls and beams.
    • Stylish - Available in various colors and can be ordered in a variety of premium specialty finishes.
    • Energy Efficient - Metal roofs with a "Cool" paint finish reflect solar radiant heat, which can help reduce cooling costs.
    • Eco-Friendly - Metal roofing is made from recycled content. Western Rib panels are also recyclable at the end of their life as a roof. In contrast, most shingle tear-off waste ends up as part of the building-related waste stream - up to 20 billion pounds per year.
  • Sample Paint Warranty

    Sample Paint Warranty

    Color Name
  • Solar Reflectivity Index

    Solar Reflectivity Index

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Western Rib®: Symmetrical Rib, 7.2" Pitch, Exposed Fastening Roof Panels

Architecture, as any compositional art, makes extensive use of symmetry and it’s no mystery why architects prefer using our Western Rib Exposed Fastening Roof Panels for their projects. The 7.2-inch on center spacing between ribs is aesthetically pleasing and offers symmetrical balance to architectural projects which require a design that compliments the subject of their work – making it an excellent choice for contemporary design applications.

Our 7.2” exposed fastener panels are ideal for commercial and industrial applications but also work exceptionally well on both parapet walls and facades. With wider coverage and fewer panels to install, the Western Rib trapezoidal design also provides superior load and span capacities, saving money in structural support. Add fiberglass panels to match the profile of the metal panels as decorative accents or to transition smoothly from steel to skylight.

Metal Roof Design Ideas

Western Rib® is easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications including roofing and siding material for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential projects.
  • Exterior applications: Total roofing area, an accent to a roof in conjunction with other architectural elements of design, metal siding, decorative fencing, restaurants, movie sets and much more.
  • Interior applications: Focal point or backdrops such as backsplash in a bath or kitchen, textured ceiling, and a wall treatment.


Excellent customer service is important to us. When you place your order with Western States Metal Roofing you can expect the following:

  • Knowledgeable Sales Associates - Helpful and friendly sales associates that will answer all of your questions.
  • Made to Order Panels - We cut your metal roofing and metal siding panels to the exact lengths needed.
  • Fast Turnaround - Typical two week maximum lead times. However, if you need it quicker, we normally can accommodate just about any completion schedule.
  • Shipping Convenience - We have route trucks that service anywhere in the USA and Canada.
  • Affordable Shipping - Immediate and inexpensive shipping.

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